Bishop & Lone Pine Work and Witness Trip

On September 15th, 8  of us left for the Native American Christian Academy (formerly Sun Valley Indian School).  We wish to thank you for your support and prayers.  We were excited to see how others would respond, we were not disappointed.  Everyone went to work.

Linda Sigler got the job of clipping box top coupons.  This program is being discontinued, and the school needs to reach 1,600,000 coupons to purchase a new van.  They are well on their way with 1,000,000.  It takes the patience of a saint to clip, sort, and count little pieces of paper.  Thank you, Linda.

Tom Sigler was astounded to see al the propane tanks scattered around the campus and went to work to assess if there could be money saved.  He quickly discovered that the propane company was doing their part to support the school.  So, the next project for him was cleaning heaters and then water heaters.  He found many in severe need of maintenance.  So, he spent his week in dust and dirt.

Doug and Sherry Wilson spent the beginning of the week wiring Justice Hall, which is being remodeled to accommodate 6 high school boys.  In no time at all that was done.  Sherry W. and Katie Mitchel began sanding and priming the new dry wall.  Doug was off to the chicken coup to install solar lighting.  After that Doug, Sherry, and Katie moved lights in one of houses.

Speaking of dry wall, that was Marston’s work.  Most of the dorm parent’s apartment, the main room and boys’ rooms were dry walled by the expert work of Marston.  What I saw Saturday was studs.  On Friday, finished day wall was up and ready for a coat of paint.

Clare Mottwiler and Jackie Rupp were sent to the Home Ec building where we made king sized sheets into fitted sheets for bunk beds.  Thanks to Clare who pulled instructions from the internet.  That project done, Jan, the bookkeeper, mentioned she would like to embroider the pillow cases with names for Christmas presents for the students.  Using material that has been donated over the years, we came home with enough material to make 60 pillow cases and blocks to make quilts for the children.  We were told that some of the children don’t have blankets big enough to cover them.

Many of the students come from homes with no electricity or water.  Some are there because the mothers fear sexual abuse to their children.  Others are there because the school is gaining a reputation of winning athletic competition.  Whatever the reason for the children being at the school they are receiving an excellent education, good nutrition, constant care, and by far the most important-learning all about our Lord and Savior.

Please continue your prayer and support for the school, the dedicated staff, and children.  The children need more support.  To sponsor one child it is only $50 per month.

Perhaps you might be in prayer about going yourself this spring.  Let’s do it!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Doug and Sherry Wilson

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