Trail Notes

Our youth pastor Katy had this to say about our recent trip to Point Loma for Elevate:

“This year, I was blown away by how many kids we had attend Elevate.  We took 12 kids this year which is the most we have had in the last four years of attending the event.  I am amazed at the ways that God was moving and working in these kids’ lives.  Please continue to pray for our kids and the decisions that they are making and that God would move and speak to them in ways that they are able to comprehend and understand and move forward in their walk with Christ.  And let’s pray for our youth leaders that they would be able to walk alongside them and live life with them and teach them about Christ in a way that makes complete sense to them.  Thank you for your continued support through finances and prayer that make events like these happen for our kids.”

What Katy says is spot on.  I could not have guessed that this trip would have been so powerful for our teens,  It reminds me that we cannot box God’s work in.  One of the things that always amazes me is how much we struggle to trust God for the work of witness.  Again and again in Acts, we see God moving through lives surrendered to God.  And really, that is the key:  surrender.  If we want to ask the question of why our ministry does not bear fruit, the answer is often that we need further surrender to God’s purposes.  We may be committed to an idea of ministry that is an idea and not God.  It may be that we fail to be persistent in our compassion and prayer and that hurts our effectiveness.

One more word about this.  I was reminded this weekend that the aim of our ministry is fruit and not numbers.  We could count numbers of people as fruit, but the New Testament tends to count things differently.  It names fruits like Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Godliness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control.  Does Evangelism result in those fruits born in our lives?  Or is it a way of controlling the destinies of the people around us?  If we are surrendered to God and always seeking further surrender, the fruit of evangelism is guarantee, even if we cannot be guaranteed a harvest of hundreds or thousands of decisions for Christ.  Nay we be committed to growing more rooted in Christ, bearing the good fruit of the Spirit.

Pastor Jeff

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